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Preschool Opening Times
Birstall PreSchool open at 7:30am and close at 6:00pm, from Monday to Friday.

Birstall Pre School will be closed on the following days:
Holidays and bank holidays (fees are non-refundable for any form or absence relating to illness)
Good Friday & Easter Monday
May day
Spring bank holiday Monday
August bank holiday Monday
Christmas- week closed 

Fees from September 2021

Fees paying Structure for Non Funded Sessions Term Time and Holiday Club (0-4 years)

Am Session 07:30 -12:30 £30.00

PM Session 12:30 – 17:30 £30.00

Full-Day Care 07:30-18:00 £45.00

Wrap around 17.30-18.00 £2.75

Includes all meals and snacks.

Funded children 

Two/Three/Four-year funding 15 hours 2 x ¾ days 08:30-16:00 Wrap around available at £5.50 Per Hour, rounded up to the next hour.

Three/Four year funding 30 hours* 3 x full days 07:30-17:30 Wrap around available at £2.75 for the additional half hour ¾ days 08:30-16:00 limited spaces £3 dinner & snack charge/bring a packed lunch

Before School Club (07:30 -09:00) Walking Schools £6

Before School Windmill (07:30 -09:00) £7.50 This is due to the cost of running a vehicle such as tax and insurance After School Club (15:00-18:00) Walking Schools £11

After School Windmill (15:00-18:00 £12.50 This is due to the cost of running a vehicle such as tax and insurance Morning Holiday Club (07:30-12:30) £18.50

Afternoon Holiday Club (13:00-18:00) £18.50

Full Day Holiday Club (07:30-18:00) £30


Birstall Preschool is also registered to claim funding for 2 year olds. However, this is subject to specific criteria. Please contact us for further details.

For information about Free Early Learning & Care for 2, 3 & 4 year old children. Click here to be directed to Kirklees council's free early learning and care web pages.

£50 will be charged to secure a place for your child this will be credited on the first invoice.

Fees are payable one month in advance.